Artistic Cycling World Cup starting 2018

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(August 2017)

Mission accomplished. The UCI approves: In the upcoming year, the first World Cup series in Artistic Cycling will take place. “We are pleased to announce the introduction of the UCI Artistic Cycling World Cup for 2018”, so the good news from the headquarters in Aigle/Switzerland. As a result, the commitment of the newly founded initiative „Indoor Cycling Worldwide“ (ICWW), which has emerged from the “Förderverein Hallenradsport”, is experiencing an international exclamation mark.

The World Federation recognizes the numerous activities of ICWW for the importance of the sport on several continents. A favorable date as well as a location will be determined in the competiton calendar for 2018. “An important step”, says the national coach Dieter Maute (Germany) who is a tireless protagonist for the spread of the sport that also wants to knock on the Olympic door one day. „ICWW has developed a concept for a World Cup – and the UCI is giving the green light. It would be nice if this could be the starting shot for a steady development. All indoor cyclists and fans of all disciplines are encouraged to participate. A first step: membership at ICWW.“

Newsletter August 2017

About us:
Indoor Cycling World Wide

We are a non-profit organisation that aims to strengthen the international development of indoor cycling. We provide support to new indoor cycling nations by building up and organising their training.

In our work we are supported by the UCI Indoor Cycling Commission.

We support the dream of our athletes to participate again in the World Games and, why not, become an Olympic discipline.

Goals of the campaign include:

  • Gain new nations
  • Implement a World Cup in artistic cycling
  • Strengthening of media presence
  • Aquisition of members

Take part … together we can do it!

The combination between artistic cycling and cycle-ball is a guarentee for really great live events.

Michael Niedermeier

We love the mixture between body control, coordination and elegance.

Céline, Flavia, Jennifer, Melanie

4er Kunstrad Sirnach

Take part, together we can do it. Indoor Cycling World Wide.

Adriana Mathis

Do you know?

We are






Support by Indoor Cycling World Wide:

  • We organise an introduction course with coach and bikes (travel expenses and transportation covered by us, housing and food by you)
  • Support for “train-the-trainer”
  • Workshops for judges
  • Setting up contact to partner clubs or coaches from the main indoor cycling federations Austria, Germany & Switzerland
  • Support for training camps
  • Training camp for the preparation for the World Championships


Our brochure: Indoor Cycling World Wide
brochure ICWW

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