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supported by Indoor Cycling World Wide


Fascinated by indoor cycling?

You would like to start with artistic cycling or cycle-ball?

Then this is the place for you! We look forward to supporting you and will be happy to assist you on site.

This is important to getting started:


Interested children and teenagers. Beginners ideally start practicing artistic cycling and cycle ball at the age of 6 to 10.


As a coach. There are many successful coaches in artistic cycling and cycle-ball who have never practiced indoor cycling on their own. From Indoor Cycling World Wide you get tips for getting started and we support you in setting up your training.

Training area

A training area with a non-slip floor for a riding-area or a playing field measuring 11 x 14 metres.


Bicycles for artistic cycling and / or cycle-ball.
We can assist you with used bikes or special conditions of the manufacturer.
For cycle-ball: goals, boards and balls.

Our team of coaches:

Irmtraud Wirth and
Eliana Thalmann

Our specialists for artistic cycling team 4 and partner for artistic cycling in Slovakia.

Rolf Halter
is our coordinator for Asia.

Kathrin Igel and
Marco Wagner

Our coaches for artistic cyclists and cycle-ball players from Canada.

Michele Giorgio and
Ekkehard Zübner

Our coaches for Italy.

Enrico Krien
supervises the annual summer training camp in Kolarovo (Slovakia) for artistic cyclists from Ukraine, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Laura Rissé, Corinna Biethan
and Silke Rissé
support the athletes and coaches from Ukraine.

Stefan Born
has been supporting athletes and coaches from Hungary for many years and is coordinator of the East European Cup.

We look forward to sharing our passion for indoor cycling with you!

The board of Indoor Cycling World Wide with the team of coaches at the presentation of the new ICWW-jackets.

“all you need to know bout artistic cycling” … see on the UCI-website.

“all you need to know about cycle-ball” … see on the UCI-website.