ICWW mechanic Hermann Schön screws in the right places

At Indoor Cycling World Wide we can consider ourselves lucky that we have an experienced mechanic in our ranks with Hermann Schön. He is at home in Gau-Algesheim. There is enough place for our ICWW bike’s inventory at Schön Bikes. Donations of bicycles that we receive were often stored for years or decades in garages or basements. The bicycle material not only has to be dusted off but also completed in careful detail with suitable parts and made ready for use again.

When asked about his experiences with the ICWW’s predecessor, the “Indoor Cycling Association”, Hermann Schön raved about it. As a young cycle-ball player, he was a junior European champion together with his brother Robert and has a lot to say: “As young guys, we were allowed to go to Kenya with a BDR delegation. In a parliament building, we demonstrated Radball on the carpet. When I “played” a slipper lying around with the front wheel across the room, there was a standing ovation. Rolf Halter was also on this tour. Later we were allowed to go on an unforgettable tour to Japan with Hans Born. ” At a World Cup in Malaysia, Rolf Halter then motivated Hermann to join the association. Today Hermann “visits” clubs with his company minibus, which hand in bike material, sift through what can still be recycled, and then gets the bikes in shape. “At the moment we have a dozen or so ready-to-use Cycle-balls bikes, a few unicycles but unfortunately hardly any usable artistic cycling bike in our inventory,” complains Hermann Schön.

Thanks to Hermann Schön for his tireless commitment!

At this point, the ICWW board would like to call for a search of the association’s collections. Please contact us. We are grateful buyers for used tubular tires. We are particularly looking for synthetic bikes in sizes 22 “, 24” and 26 “with a frame height of 50 cm. This is the only way we can keep our projects going.

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