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The team of Indoor Cycling World Wide is looking forward to welcome the athletes, coaches, officials and spectators at the 2024 UCI Artistic Cycling World Cup events. Many thanks to the organisers for hosting the world cup tournaments!



The UCI Artistic Cycling World Cup is a competition series over 4 events:
3 preliminary tournaments and the world cup final.

single women, single men, pair women, pair open, artistic cycling team 4 open.

The top 10 riders after the preliminaires are qualified for the final.


The eligibility of participation in the first, second and third tournament of the UCI Artistic Cycling World Cup depends on the highest ranking of each nation in the respective discipline at the recent UCI Indoor Cycling World Championships. The National Federations are entitled to register a maximum of riders or teams for the UCI Artistic Cycling World Cup as follows:

If the maximum entries are not fully used by the eligible National Federations,
other National Federations that have no or only one entry may register for the
available entries. In this case a National Federation may only get a maximum of
2 entries per discipline. The application for additional entries is made by the registration for the respective preliminary round.

The allocation of the free entries is as follows:

1) National Federations which do not have a regular entry in the corresponding discipline will be considered with one entry first.

2) Then all National Federations with one regular entry will receive one additional entry.

3) Then National Federations from 1) can get a second entry.

4) If there are more registrations than there are free entries available, the date of receipt of the registration is decisive.



For the 3 preliminary events world cup points are awarded to each rider, pair or ACT4-team as follows:

The best 10 riders of each discipline are qualified for the final. The points awarded in the preliminaries are also valid for the final. In the final world cup event world cup points are awarded as follows:

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