Successful UCI Artistic Cycling World Cup in Frankfurt

First assessment for the international artistic cycling elite

Frankfurt am Main is turning into a cycling city. In addition to the top-class international cycling classic Eschborn-Frankfurt on May 1, the international artistic cycling elite met on April 29 in the Fabriksporthalle to take part in the “UCI Artistic Cycling World Cup” in the single, double and Team 4 artistic cycling for the first international sporting assessment this year. The high-caliber starting field (47 teams with a total of 71 athletes) with numerous world champions from 16 nations offered the spectators in the sold-out Fabriksporthalle, including the President of the German Cycling Federation (BDR) Rudolf Scharping and the designated Mayor of Frankfurt Mike Josef, under the eyes of a likewise internationally staffed jury, high-class and entertaining competitions.

Frankfurt in the heart of Europe: ideal venue

Frankfurt was the venue for the first World Cup of the UCI series in artistic cycling for the year 2023. For the participants, it was a location determination for the current season. The upcoming German Masters and a second World Cup on May 27 in Bruckmühl, Bavaria, will provide the next opportunities for national and international comparisons of strength.

The UCI Artistic Cycling World Cup was organized by the Frankfurt-Höchst Cycling Club. For the 30-member club, the event was a tour de force. For the smooth and successful realization, chief organizer Daniel Andres Hecktor and his five-member organization team as well as the 30 volunteer helpers received praise and recognition not only from Rudolf Sharping, but also from the future mayor of Frankfurt, Mike Josef. The organizer also received very positive feedback from “Indoor Cycling World Wide”, the organization commissioned by the UCI to organize the series. This is also shown by the response of the event, which had the largest field of participants in the history of the series so far, and the acceptance of the spectators, who ensured full ranks throughout the event. The event is sponsored by the city of Frankfurt and the state of Hesse. Several companies sponsor the World Cup.

The club was founded in 1897 as a merger of the clubs Germania and Tempo. As part of the 125th anniversary celebration, the idea of organizing a World Cup was born, the club has just under 30 members. The club is proud of its reactivated student and youth division with six athletes who are coached by three trainers (Karin, Max and Daniel). Daniel is the motor and idea giver. A big effort for a small club and especially a financial feat, because everything is expensive and little supported. Nevertheless, he has not regretted it, it is good for the sport. He received a lot of positive feedback, also recognition from other sports, who admire the fact that such a small club dares to organize such a big event and pulls it off. Compliments to Daniel.

Stephan Hannappel, RV Höchst, Chairman

Congratulations to a small club like RV Höchst for putting on such a great event,

Rudolf Scharping, President BDR

Great events with UCI Artistic Cycling World Cup and bike races make Frankfurt a cycling city.

Mike Josef, Head of the Department for Planning, Housing and Sports, designated Mayor of the City of Frankfurt

With 16 nations, the largest field of participants in the six-year history of the competition series. Had expected 50 participants, 47 were there. Hopes for more participants from Asia next year, including Macau and Hong Kong. Hurdles with the national federations must be dismantled. 2024 probably first World Cup in Italy on March 2 near Rome. Currently negotiating contract extension with UCI to organize World Cup series.
Target: 20 nations, 65 starters.
Found ideal conditions in Frankfurt with excellent organization.

Rolf Halter, Technical Delegate and Chairman of the Organization Indoor Cycling World Wide

About UCI

The Union Cycliste Internationale is the worldwide governing body for various cycling disciplines. Artistic cycling falls under the category of indoor cycling. The UCI organizes an annual World Championship and a World Cup series of 4 rounds. At the World Championships, the coveted rainbow jersey is awarded to the winners of each category. This year, the organization “Indoor Cycling World Wide” is in charge of the execution and organization of the World Cup series.

About Indoor Cycling World Wide

Indoor Cycling World Wide (ICWW) is a non-profit organization based in Germany, dedicated to the promotion of indoor cycling. One of its main goals is to develop the sport in countries where cycling ball or artistic cycling are not or not widely practiced. To this end, among other things, coach training courses are organized, materials and sports equipment are loaned or purchased, and the infrastructure for regular training is supported. Furthermore, the ICWW is licensed by the UCI to organize the World Cup series in artistic cycling for the UCI and to find suitable hosts.

About RV Germania Tempo Höchst

The cycling club Germania Tempo 1897 Frankfurt Höchst e.V. is a sports club based in Frankfurt-Höchst. The main sport is artistic cycling. Currently, 6 children and 3 adults are active, 3 coaches and 5 board members organize the club. In total the club has 30 members. The club trains regularly at the Paul-Ehrlich-School in Frankfurt-Höchst. To finance its sports activities, the club runs an annual catering stand at the Höchst Christmas Market and at the Fest der Vereine (Festival of Clubs) as part of the Höchst Schlossfest (Castle Festival). The athletes of the club regularly
regularly participate in Hesse championships. Daniel Andrés Hecktor is a multiple world championship participant in the category single men (nation: Spain) and has as best placement in the World Cup the 4th place.

Press release RV Höchst –

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