23 October 2021

Artistic Cycling World Cup Final

All day


29 October 2021

UCI Indoor Cycling World Championships

All day


The UCI Artistic Cycling World Cup is a competition series over 4 events: 3 preliminary tournaments and the world cup final.

Disciplinessingle women, single men, pair women, pair open, artistic cycling team 4 open.

The top 10 riders after the preliminaries are qualified for the final.

The eligibility of participation in the first, second and third tournament of the UCI Artistic Cycling World Cup depends on the highest ranking of each nation in the respective discipline at the recent UCI Indoor Cycling World Championships. The National Federations are entitled to register a maximum of riders or teams for the UCI Artistic Cycling World Cup.

For the 3 preliminary events world cup points are awarded to each rider, pair or ACT4-team.
The best 10 riders of each discipline are qualified for the final. The points awarded in the preliminaries are also valid for the final. In the final world cup event world cup points are awarded as follows

Indoor Cycling World Wide e. V. promotes the international development of artistic cycling and cycle-ball by giving new indoor cycling nations a hand.

From 2021 on, we are organising an international coach education for artistic cycling, combined with a training camp.

  • Artistic cycling coaches who want to expand their knowledge
  • Newcomers
  • Athletes who like to join the course together with their coach

Language: English and German.

The focus is on the education with the following topics:

  • Organisation of the training business
  • Methodical structure of the training
  • Correct assistance for the athletes
  • Practical tips for a successful training
  • Rules lesson for coaches
  • Training units for athletes and coaches

The East European Cup Artistic Cycling (EEC) is a competition series about four tournaments. The EEC is organized in cooperation with artistic cycling clubs from the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Slovakia, and from Ukraine.

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