Spreading Artistic Cycling in Latin America

February is the indoor cycling month, and the way for Gracia to celebrate it is visiting two countries during this month. Her first visit was to Mexico, where she could lead model training for kids between 7 and 15 years old in the capital city of this country. Together with the organization La Bomba Teatro she could do also a presentation, awakening the interest of several people for artistic cycling. Gracia also established contact with the organization group from the “World Bicycle Forum” which takes place this year in November in Mexico City. Being this a great opportunity to introduce the sport to several countries and the same time by doing another model training for kids and young people and explaining the responsible adults how, with the help of Indoor Cycling Worldwide, they could start a club in their own cities.

At the end of February Gracia is in Uruguay teaching everything what she knows about artistic cycling to Camila Bernal; the new enthusiast women that is leading the project of introducing; promoting and developing artistic cycling in this country. They both had successful open trainings with about 15 participants. Although a meeting with the Uruguayan Cycling Federation is pending, they hope and do their best to have a second Latin-American country in this year’s World Championship.

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