Handstand – Training motivates

VfH Worms has close ties with its Hungarian partner clubs in the Komarom
Estergom region. Regular activities take place in particular between the
Nibelungen city and Bokod, the club of world-class rider Martin Schön.
In addition to mutual video training sessions, there was also a small digital
showdown between the two clubs in December.

Particularly popular were the repeated handstand training sessions with Martin
Schön, who is meant for this in three aspects:He is a sports teacher by
profession, does handstands in his artistic cycling performance, and leads the
artistic cycling training in his home club Bokod.

From this, not only the VfH Worms could benefit from his expertise; a video
training session with Martin Schön was openly advertised. More than 20
participants from ten clubs eagerly practiced a colorful bouquet of stretching and
strengthening exercises leading up to headstand and handstand. After a little
more than 60 minutes of training, there was an opportunity to clarify questions
and exchange practical experiences.

“Very motivating,” was how Martin Schön
felt about the positive feedback after the
training session.

Stefan Born
Vice- chairman of ICWW

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