International contacts at the Worms Artistic Cycling Cup

The Worms Artistic Cycling Cup is a traditional event, which for many decades has also and especially had a very strong international response.

During the two “Cups” under pandemic conditions in 2020 and 2021, foreign teams had to cancel their trips to Worms. At the 45th new edition of the Worms Cup at the end of April, club teams from Hungary, Belgium, and France and a total of starters from seven nations were again at the start.

The special classification for the non-German club team with the highest number of points was won by the young team from Dorlisheim (France). This club also brought a young artistic quad to the Worms education center and also picked up some tips for further development on the sidelines of the competition.

A demonstration of “Short Distance” as part of the evening event attracted a lot of interest and was well received. Martin Schön (Bokod), Nico Budavari (Mainz-Hechtsheim) and Luisa Rupp (VfH Worms) simultaneously demonstrated ten exercises each in a maximum of two minutes on three riding surfaces. In an interview with moderator Klaus Kullmann, Martin schön explained afterwards how this new category came about. Hungary has had very good experience in reactivating former athletes. With this objective “Short Distance” is announced and developed within the competitions of the “East European Cup” for elite riders.

Besides the competitions, the Worms Artistic Cycling Cup also offers an ideal communication platform for many international projects …:

  • Gracia Sotomayor reported on her recent trip to Peru, which can be read about elsewhere in this issue of the ICWW Newsletter. Her South America project is becoming a lighthouse project of ICWW.
  • Maria Landua obtained a well-preserved student bike from the ICWW bike store. In a few weeks this bike will arrive in Beirut and will be integrated into the training of the first young Lebanese artistic cyclists. In autumn we will report about this project in more detail.
  • They were not at the start in Worms but the spectators and participants were thinking of them. We are talking about the Ukrainian indoor cyclists for whom the flags were flying. The VfH Worms collected at the weekend Wormser Kunstradsport Cup / Tournament of the youth further donations in favor of the school in Nagybereg (Ukraine).

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