German Bicycle Team inspires in Canada Tens of thousands

Artistic cycling from Germany is a highlight of big military show

Three weeks in Canada, ten acclaimed shows in front of 60,000 enthusiastic spectators, a big parade through the streets of Halifax, and a finale with the German flag, national anthem, and more than 500 participants from many countries, these are the impressions the German Bicycle Team now brings back from Halifax. The German athletes around RKB-Kunstrad national coach Kathrin Igel (Fellbach) were invited for the third time since 2011 as an entertainment act in the biggest international indoor military music show, the Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo. “We see ourselves as ambassadors for Germany for this sport, which is also rather unknown in Canada. The incredible enthusiasm of the audience for our performance is also motivation for us after our return to Germany. Our shows in Halifax, but also in front of millions of viewers on the Canadian television show, artistic cycling offers not only athletics at the highest level, but simply also good entertainment”, Kathrin Igel, national coach of “RKB Solidarity Germany” is convinced.

The German Bicycle Team consists of seven nationwide top athletes between the ages of 20 and 26, including junior European champions, vice European champions and German champions. They include Nick Lange from RSV Unterweissach, Ramona Dandl from RKB Solidarität Bruckmühl, Marvin and Torben Staudenmaier (RKV Herbrechtingen), Vroni Koch (RKB Solidarität Hausham), Niklas Kreuzmann and Celine Stapf (RV Adler Soden). The team rehearsed two show acts for the event in Canada and rehearsed for it over three months.

For the athletes and also for artistic cycling in Germany it was new to ride in dirndl and lederhosen, with umbrellas and backpack in one of the show act, and to tell a story. “The incredible applause of the audience showed us, that the experiment was more than successful and also opened new doors for the clubs to rethink artistic cycling in Germany, to integrate it into events and thus make it even more popular for a broad public,” Kathrin Igel is convinced.

The Canadian media also showed great interest in the German Bicycle Team. Numerous Canadian TV and radio stations and newspapers reported on the German appearance, and Canadian national television twice included the team live in its main news program. Even after the shows, thousands of the spectators took the chance for personal photos with the German Bicycle Team.
“After this incredible experience, I am highly motivated and can’t wait to get back on my bike in Germany and showcase my skills at the club and competitions. I think the memory of these days in Canada will stay with us all for a lifetime,” said Niklas Kreuzmann.

The journey of Ramona Dandl was turbulent. The 22-year-old from Munich became European Artistic Cycling Vice Champion in Budapest at the end of June and was stuck in Europe for two days due to flight cancellations and could only arrive in Halifax late. “That’s why I was especially happy for Ramona that she was announced as a silver medal winner in every show and celebrated by the Canadian audience for her top performance in the arena. You certainly don’t experience that in artistic cycling otherwise,” said the national coach.

The Tattoo, which lasts about two hours, was held for the first time in three Covid years and is a mammoth show in front of more than 6,000 spectators in an ice rink in Halifax. Originally conceived as a military parade, the event features top-notch show acts worldwide. Particularly impressive for the German Bicycle Team was the finale, which lasted about 20 minutes and featured all nations entering the ice arena with their flags. “For me, it’s a great symbol of peace and solidarity when military bands from all over the world stand together and always play the Ukrainian national anthem in addition to the Canadian one at every show,” explains Celine Stapf.

Due to the great success in Canada, the German Bicycle Team in this composition wants to continue to advertise the sport of artistic cycling on the show stages in Germany and Europe.

About the Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo
The “Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo” in Halifax is considered the largest indoor military music event in the world. Nova Scotia (Lat., “New Scotland”) is a Canadian province and Halifax is its capital. The Tattoo offers a stage to about 2000 artists from all over the world, in about two hours. It is very different from the classical tattoos in the world because the Canadians attach great importance to a mixture of civil and military parts.
The ten events will see about 60,000 spectators. The first tattoo was inaugurated by Queen Elizabeth back in 1979, and on the occasion of its 80th birthday, Queen Elizabeth II awarded the event the title “Royal”, as royal. With it, she honors the merits of the international understanding. The Tattoo is embedded in a variety of events celebrating the Canadian holiday.

About “RKB Solidarität Deutschland
For over 125 years, the RKB has been involved in cycling. Originating from the workers’ movement, it was the world’s largest association of cyclists in the Weimar Republic. But even then, two other important focal points were added in the form of roller and motorsports. The RKB is open to everyone for whom sport is more than just exercise. The latest addition is inline field hockey.
Currently, “die Soli” is active in more than 150 clubs nationwide – and cycling and roller sports are still its traditional mainstays. Especially in artistic cycling, RKB athletes have recently attracted attention and won numerous medals at national and international championships.
Despite top sporting achievements, “solidarity” has priority in the RKB – and so the association also organizes a wide range of offers in popular and recreational sports. The RKB: sportive and solidary, tradition-conscious, and open to new things.

About the German Bicycle Team
The “German Bicycle Team” GBT was founded in 2011 by the artistic cycling expert and national coach of the “RKB Solidarität Deutschland” Kathrin Igel and had its premiere on the occasion of the Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo Show in Canada in front of more than 60,000 spectators. It consists of successful German artistic cycling athletes, who artistically develop cycling with their international experience in show acts. The GBT was also booked for the major event in Canada in 2015 and 2022. After the great success in Canada, the team wants to continue to inspire audiences in Germany and Europe with its show acts and advertise the sport of artistic cycling.

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