Instructional films for artistic cycling: free of charge and freely accessible

On 12 December, a free and open-access series of instructional films for artistic cycling will start on YouTube. Just in time for Christmas, the joint project of ICWW, RKB and Kathrin Igel fulfils a great wish of the artistic cycling community.

Just in time for Christmas, Indoor Cycling World Wide (ICWW), RKB Solidarität Deutschland and RKB federal coach Kathrin Igel have a Christmas present for the dedicated artistic cycling community: The first part of a series of instructional videos premieres on YouTube! In about ten minutes, the clip shows tips and tricks for the “Passage regular seat reverse raiser handlebarseat reverse” – one of many exercises in artistic cycling whose execution is even more complex than its name.

Further episodes of the series are already in the can and are currently being produced. They will also provide helpful insights into the technique and practical tips on individual learning steps, and they will also focus on key points that are crucial for mental training. The main person responsible for planning and producing the series is Kathrin Igel, who has already accompanied many athletes on their way to the podium in numerous international competitions. Of course, she is therefore not only active in the background, but primarily in front of the camera, where her didactic expertise comes into its own.

In addition, there are the personal tips and experiences of various top athletes – the list of athletes who got on their bikes for the instructional videos reads like a Who’s Who of the current artistic cycling scene from the classes pupils, juniors and elite: Milena Slupina (threetime World Champion, GER), Nora Walser (International Lake Constance Champion, AUT), Jana Pfann (European and World Champion, GER) and Daniel Stark (Junior European Champion, GER) have all contributed.

This is the first time that professionally produced instructional videos for artistic cycling have been launched via YouTube. They are aimed at coaches and athletes alike. The entire sport of artistic cycling is to benefit from the project beyond Germany’s borders – this is ensured not least by the inclusion of English subtitles. The most important goals are:

  • to develop artistic cycling further
  • to use new media for knowledge transfer
  • to make the sport fit for the future through the dissemination of knowledge
  • to provide a better basis for training

“We pick up the target group where they are – on social media,” summarises Kathrin Igel, who is justifiably proud of the first result and, just like the athletes, visibly enjoyed the production.

“For the first time, all interested artistic cyclists and coaches can access expertise without restriction. This is possible due to the cooperation of Kathrin Igel, the RKB Solidarität and ICWW, who jointly support this project.”

Rolf Halter, ICWW Board

“With these instructional videos we will inspire even more people for our great sport and above all give athletes as well as their coaches a modern training tool at hand – and not only for our federation members, but even for international audiences.”

Jörg Lampe, Managing Director of the RKB.

“With the ICWW and the RKB ,Solidarität‘ Deutschland, I have two committed partners at my side who have supported this ambitious project from the very beginning. Together we want to break new ground with the professional training videos to further advance artistic cycling – especially with an international focus.”

Kathrin Igel

About the “RKB Solidarität Deutschland”

The RKB has been involved in cycling for over 125 years. Born out of the workers’ movement, it was the world’s largest association of cyclists in the Weimar Republic. But even then, two other important focal points were added in the form of roller and motor sports. The RKB is open to everyone for whom sport is more than just exercise. The latest addition is inline hockey. At present, the “Soli” is active in over 150 clubs nationwide – and cycling and roller sports are still its traditionally most important mainstays. Especially in artistic cycling, RKB athletes have recently attracted attention and won numerous medals at national and international championships.

Despite top sporting achievements, “solidarity” has priority in the RKB – and so the federation also organises a wide range of offers in popular and recreational sport. The RKB: sporty and solidary, tradition-conscious and open for new things.

About “Indoor Cycling World Wide”

We are a non-profit association with the aim of promoting and strengthening the international development of indoor cycling. To this end, we offer our support to new indoor cycling nations for the organisation and development of training. With our work we also want to promote the public relations for international indoor cycling. We are supported in our work by the UCI Indoor Cycling Commission. We also support the dream of many athletes that indoor cycling should be reinstated in the World Games programme – and why not, become an Olympic discipline.

About Kathrin Igel, RKB federal coach and artistic cycling expert

Perhaps it is the love of people and life that best describes Kathrin Igel and her personality. She grew into artistic cycling as a teenager, stuck with it, stayed with it and developed it further. As an active athlete and very quickly as a full-time national coach. Recognising and developing potential. Gently and with a lot of sensitivity for the athletes, that is Kathrin Igel’s strength. And her success. She has built up world champions, European champions and German champions over the years and led them to sporting success. But as a trained teacher, she never lost sight of the people behind the performance. Individual solutions, nothing off the peg. The reward: coach of the year in Baden-Württemberg, great recognition as national artistic cycling coach for RKB “Solidarität” Deutschland, and internationally sought-after expert for acrobatic biking not only for the renowned Cirque de Soleil. And if today more and more artists are inspiring thousands of people all over the world with the artistic bicycle, then many of them were certainly participants in Kathrin Igel’s international workshops.

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