In December 2022, the first “Training Cycling Camp” was held in Bangkok. In Thailand, there are some cycle-ball players who have formed the “Thailand Indoor Cycling Club”, but they lack any support from the Thai Cycling Federation. Therefore, we brought 6 cycle-ball bikes to Thailand in advance, goals and boards were purchased on our own initiative. Training took place on the “ESC Space Bumper” area, where sports such as skateboarding, BMX, trail or water-skiing are also offered and supported. Another training ground was in the area of the “Hua Mak Indoor Stadium”, where there were numerous and interested spectators.

The training camp lasted 4 days and was held outdoors, at 35° C and over 90% humidity, which was a new and exhausting experience not only for me.

Training content was the expansion of the basics and game tactical improvements. We did this with circuit training and partner exercises, as well as practice games.

The next training camp will take place at the end of February 2023 in Surat Thani province, but then there will be a playing field in an indoor arena. For further trainings it is planned to invite teams from Malaysia, Hong Kong and Japan, in order to be able to achieve further progress in the competition.

The goal is still the participation of a Thai team in the 2023 World Championships in Glasgow, but this will be difficult without the support of the Thai Cycling Federation.

In any case, the Thai cycling players are highly motivated as far as their possibilities allow and are still looking for a sponsor to be able to participate in foreign competitions themselves.

Even a ride through Bangkok at night, with the moped and the cycle-ball bikes on the back, can’t stop them from training

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