World Cup Italy

Bella Italia. That’s what the organizing team of the Artistic Cycling World Cup is aiming for. For the first time, such an event is taking place in a country that knows artistic cycling and cycle ball only through its athletes. For several years, we have been in discussions with the relevant officials in Rome to be able to host a World Cup leg in Italy. Luigi Bielli, in collaboration with the officials at ASD Pol.Tarquinia sez.ciclismo, has found cooperative partners. A cycling department of the mentioned sports club has been actively participating in many cycling events for years and showed interest during our visit last October.

We won’t find a large hall there, but the conditions for indoor cycling are at a good level. A competition area and a training space with parquet flooring are available. There will also be appropriate support and facilities similar to those found in prestigious countries.

We are traveling to the event in Tarquinia, located about 80 km north of Rome directly by the sea. Tourism is not unfamiliar to the city, as there are many historical sites from the Etruscan era to discover in and around the city. To provide a comprehensive picture of indoor cycling to the city representatives, tourism officials, and club officials, junior cycle ball players from Mainz are also joining in Tarquinia. In addition to top-level artistic cycling, a tournament will be played. To set the stage, ICWW has also sent cycling equipment to Tarquinia in advance. We hope that local athletes may also be discovered on-site.

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