Macau – the current situation

We asked some questions to June, trainer of Macau, about the current situation and personal goals for the future.

Here are the answers.

Thanks a lot June for your feedback!

What’s your current situation?

The best news I can give you now is, none of the athletes or their families were ever infected. The biggest problem we are facing at the moment is that we are running out of options for training courts, like the one we were used to train is now shut for facilities renewal, and we will not be able to return even the job is done (because there were a few complaints about producing damage to the floor during the training. Yeah, we’ve been kicked out) and not many others courts would like to rent their place to us. So we ended up relocating to a new place and we are still not sure how long we can stay there- probably we’ll get kick out soon.
Additionally, the new court is somewhere that in general, is further away from where the majority of the athletes live, compared to the old place, they spend now a minimum of 1.5 extra hours in traveling to the hall. It happens different to the European countries, in Macau the students get more homework or any other related works to follow, more exams/tests that students have to spend time on, therefore, I can tell that they are getting tired of handling both education and training and I feel sorry for them.

For how long did you have your break and how long have you been training? How difficult was it for the athletes to get into regular training?

We started the lockdown at the beginning of the year and it lasted for about 5 months, our athletes stayed at home to focus mainly on mental training and doing some self workout to maintain their body strength. The mental training ended up quite well that when we were back into training, none of the athletes showed any passivity or such things, but ambition.

How many tournaments have you run since then, and what measurements have you taken concerning Corona?

We took some measurements against Corona to protect the athletes, they were all requested to put on a mask in all necessary moments(of course except during the training), we always do a tempt check before the training and all the athletes were requested to stay at home if possible. We have been permitted to run tournaments as soon as the epidemic was in control, and we have run so far, 5 tournaments and they were all successful. And of course, we were running these in the base of following all the anti-epidemic policies that the governments stated, such as, making sure all audiences watching the tournaments clean their hands with alcohol disinfectant, do tempt checks, put masks on and keep a social distance of about 1 meter. Fortunately, all of them show respect and follow the policies well.

What are your personal goals for 2021?

The only goal for all of us is as soon as the epidemic is over, to go out of this city and join different tournaments. For me, I hope the Macau team has more athletes to join the world cup and world championship in the coming years. Not only single man and woman, including pair man and women and team 4.

Here some athletes’ goals for 2021

Coco Ho:
“ I hope I could do more spinning well in competition next year. This would make me achieve a good results.”

Thomas Chan:
“ I hope I could keep progressing. Having more time to practice artistic cycling, without injuries, be more self-discipline to manage the time of studying and training.”.

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