“Too bad” – ICWW Online Cup

Our online competitions were accepted with great interest. Also, the international participation was very satisfying for us as organizers. When deciding on this series of competitions, the board of directors could not have imagined how great the time and technical effort would be. Therefore we would like to take this opportunity to thank Mike Lauterbach, Martin Schön, and all the judges involved.

However, the result of our appeal for donations for Rwanda has caused a lot of displeasure. ICWW has made every effort to help all indoor cyclists to benefit from these competitions and to provide motivation for normal training during the noncompetitive period. However, the solidarity for our work was only one-sided and is not reflected in interest and help. We are glad about all the support, in this way we can keep alive our projects and also start new ones. Thank you so much.

Board of ICWW

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