The bike donations – About the daily life of the ICWW mechanic

In our last issue Newsletters, we introduced the ICWW mechanic Hermann Schön. After a few weeks, we received a call from the 1st chairman of the RV 03 Bürstadt, Hubert Eberle:

“We are going to organize our storage room, therefore we are discarding Bike parts. Do you want to see if there is anything useful?” Hermann Schön arrived with his minibus and charged a complete truckload to Gau-Algesheim. There he pre-sorted it and delivered broken frames directly to his scrap dealer. Since then, he has been assembling usable parts into drivable, functioning artistic cycling bikes.

Here, a suitable handlebar, there, well-preserved rims, …It’s like a game of patience, which Hermann Schön practices in his workshop. He uses them to put together the ICWW bikes stock and let us ready us for the time after Corona.

We would like to take this opportunity to give our thanks for the tires and
wheel donations to:

 RV 03 Bürstadt
 RV Diamant Lind
 RSV Krofdorf Kleiberg


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