Training camp July 2020 in Kolárovo, Slovakia

Positive impulses to the international family of artistic cycling: Eastern European Athletes meet again for 1 week in Kolárovo despite Covid-19

Silke Rissé and I were very happy when we were told that our Eastern Europe Training Camp 2020 would take place despite the current very turbulent times. Shortly before the camp, we had the Travel plans as flexible as possible. Then it started: from 20.07.-25.07.2020 the 6th Eastern European training camp was ready to take place in Kolárovo, Slovakia, where this year traditionally about 30 athletes from Hungary and Slovakia have participated and trained. Unfortunately,
our friends from Ukraine would not participate, due to the Covid-19 restrictions.

It was outstandingly organized by the local artistic cycling, Andrea Hajdu; the 1st chairman of the cycling club from Kolárovo, Julius Szeder; and with a lot of support of the Hungarian top athlete Martin Schön. All athletes have benefited greatly from the training sessions. I would like to thank Andrea, Julius, Martin, and the whole team for their great commitment, confidence in the execution at times of Corona, and the great organization of the training camp. In July, important impulses were already sent to all international artistic cyclists that such an event can be held safely with the generally valid guidelines.

The training on a constantly high level and with good conditions of the hall ran as follows: The morning always started at 7.30 a.m. with ‘Futam’ (early morning sport), where Martin brought us daily in the early morning hours with a lot of fun, joy and different variations into the day. At 9 o’clock the first training started; everyone got ongoing diligently. The day was generally reserved for training from 9-13 and from 15-19.30 from Monday to Friday.

Within these times predefined groups of athletes could do their training lessons about 1,5h in the morning and in the afternoon to refine and strengthen new exercises. Since the training was only possible shortly before the camp after the halls had been closed for a long time, the first thing on the program was to get used to the bike and to repeat the familiar figures. During the week we were able to focus on raiser figures including spinnings, stands, and passages.
After the intensive week of training, the traditional East-European Cup was successfully held on July 25, 2020, on one competition surface. The jury, consisting of UCI Chief Commissaire Andreas Maier, Silke Rissé, Nico Budavári
and me, chose the best of the day.

Besides Andrea, Julius and Martin, I would like to express my sincere thanks especially to my college and coach Silke and all Hungarian and Slovakian athletes for the very good training sessions during the week as well as the mutual
trust, that during the learning of technically demanding figures is extremely important. Despite individual language barriers, it has been possible to train figures that require assistance. The most beautiful and priceless moments of a
coach as well as an athlete are of course always when the diligence pays off and individual exercises can be done independently.

For me it is certain: Next year I would like to be there again. If you have any questions about the training week and the competition, I will be happy to answer them.

Enrico Krien

Best regards,

Enrico –
ICWW project partner of the East European summer Camp and Slovakia

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