East European Training Camp: a lot of success in four days

From 20 July to 23 July 2021, the traditional Annual East European Training Camp took place once again in Kolaróvo under the direction of Andrea Hajdù with an excellent organization. The conditions were optimal and the weather played along.

As it was for a long time not certain, due to corona, whether the camp could take place at all, the participants were very happy about the final implementation. The entries came from the Hungarian clubs Bokod and Romhány as well as the host country Kolaróvo.

With this strong coaching team Martin Schön, Silke Rissé, and Enrico Krien, together we structured the training days well and motivated the athletes to give their best. The 25 registered athletes were divided into three groups. This way, each athlete could work on their exercises for 3 hours a day. Due to a large number of athletes, a wide range of knowledge was demanded from all coaches, which was a lot of fun. Starting with the squats to fronthandlebarstand to various climbing turns, the athletes wanted to learn everything to partly upgrade their programs for the coming season, but also the next season. In addition to the training sessions, the daily early morning exercise and two visits to the thermal baths were also on the agenda. All participants were enthusiastic and are already looking forward to the training camp in 2022. We hope that our sports friends from Ukraine and the Czech Republic will be able to participate again then.

Before going home on Saturday, there was another traditional highlight for all athletes: the Eastern Europe Cup. This competition also counted for the European Championship qualification for the Hungarian athletes and was therefore once again exciting. The international jury, which consisted of the commissioners Balázs Kovács (Hungary), Andrea Hajdú (Slovakia) as well as Silke Rissé and Enrico Krien (Germany), also ensured a professional competition here.
Many thanks to all the people involved. Stay healthy, and see you next year!

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