UCI Artistic Cycling World Cup Final

After a difficult year, which took a lot out of all of us personally and athletically, we were happy to host the final of the UCI Artistic Cycling World Cup in Tailfingen.

Despite the hygiene restrictions, it was possible to hold this event in Albstadt with spectators. with spectators. Great respect for the organisers. There is no known case of a person being infected with Covid-19 or that led to a tracing. Not only did the athletes strictly adhere to the regulations, but the spectators were also very understanding and prudent. This not only in Albstadt but also at the two previous World Cup competitions. The high expectations of the organisation team around Max and Dieter Maute were completely fulfilled. This was also transferred to the athletes’ performances. The results were sufficiently publicised, so that no further comment is needed here.

Despite all the praise, two points of criticism must not be forgotten:

Firstly, we had to do without top-class participants from Asia. Due to quarantine regulations and pandemic restrictions, they were unable to take part in the first rounds. This was a great pain for us as organisers. We were also not in a position to special measures to obtain the right to start.

Further criticism is directed at the athletes and federations who did not take their chance, to register as starters in advance. This raises the question for us. Is the sporting value of these competition series not sufficient or do we have to promote more recognition?

It is also more than devastating for the organisers, who have put a lot of effort into the concept, to let this chance to participate pass by. We will continue our efforts to do better next year.

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