Preface: It’s over

The Super Cycling World Championship 2023 in Glasgow is over. How eagerly we all awaited this major event! We had high expectations for it, hoping that this World Championship would advance indoor cycling.

With great anticipation, we all, athletes, coaches, fans, and officials, traveled to Scotland and had the opportunity to experience a superbly organized World Championship. Just as all indoor cycling enthusiasts have come to know and love in recent years.

Even the fans who arrived early could enjoy cycling in all its forms. Because, if there were any entrance fees at all, they were set at such a low level that all events were very well attended, and venues like the Emirates Arena were sold out. However, there were still many empty seats during the finals, which was disappointing for those who stayed at home. Mainland media barely reported on indoor cycling, if at all, or only in brief announcements. In the UK, on the other hand, every final was broadcast live and in full, including Solo, Pairs, Four, and Cycle-ball. There used to be at least a summary of the Indoor Cycling World Championship on German television on Sundays in the past. This was despite the fact that German indoor cycling athletes won more than half of all cycling medals. Regionally, fans could still access the UCI livestream. We hope for much more in the coming year.

For ICWW, the Glasgow World Championship is considered a major success. It provided us with a stage we have never had before. Due to the presence of many association representatives, we were able to maintain existing contacts and establish new ones. It was easy to have conversations that, in the past, we could only have after lengthy written correspondence or never at all. We can all look forward to the contacts from countries where athletes have spent their sports careers without the support of their national associations. Many of these athletes had their first contact with their association representatives or were even part of their national teams for the first time.

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