General meeting & workshop

Our general meeting took place on November 18th, and we held our first workshop to refine our topics and projects. Definitely a productive and enjoyable day.

Throughout this event the election of the Board of Members has given the actual Situation for the next two years.

  • President                           Mr. Rolf Halter / GER
  • Vize President                   Mr. Stefan Born / GER
  • Treasurer                           Mr. Andreas Brembeck / GER
  • Secretary                           Ms. Claudia Bee / GER
  • Media manager               Ms. Dana Fieberling / GER
  • Assistant International Affairs    Ms. Daniela Keller / SUI & Ms. Gracia Sotomayor / PER
  • Assecor                              Ms. Kathrin Igel / GER, Ms. Simone Schlösser / GER, Mr. Lukas Kohl / GER & Mr. Michael Niedermeier / GER

We are proud to announce this new Team to you, promise our support, and expect new ideas to develop Indoor Cycling in all existing and new nations.
During the workshop the board had a surprise for Gracia. Since she gave her own artistic bike to Koko from Peru in Glasgow and this year, we gave her something new on this great day.

To end up with the workshop we had new insights, a lot of fun and much more, so wait for news from our community in the next months.
It was very informative and showed us once again: We are all a real team.

Would you also like to promote and support our wonderful sport? Then get in touch with us.

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