Mapping Tomorrow: Reshaping ICWW Board for the future

Outdated, ossified, inflexible. We don’t want to wait for that in the ICWW board. It is time to rejuvenate the board and hand over responsibilities to new leaders. However, to provide a structured environment for this new generation, we met with an interested group on November 18, 2023, at the Cycling Performance Center in Ludwigshafen to establish this framework.

Under the moderation of Daniela Keller, the working group thoroughly examined existing tasks and obligations, resulting in a new matrix. We anticipate that this will enable us to find new and active officials who can further develop indoor cycling in the coming years.

The traditional club leadership structure with a president, vice president, treasurer, and committee members will continue in the future. However, beneath this, additional competencies and capacities must be distributed to new responsibilities. The spectrum of our tasks is extensive and requires a considerable amount of experience, making it more contemporary to distribute this responsibility across multiple shoulders and, consequently, to a larger community.

In an intensive two days, we successfully established this distribution and the associated guiding principles. However, this is not the end of the work. There are only two years left until the next general meeting to breathe life into the preliminary work and find the individuals. The new board looks forward to this deadline with confidence, as a rejuvenated board is already in action. Steps have also been taken to maintain the direction of implementation. Nevertheless, we need the help of all members to ensure ultimate success.

Once again, many thanks to all participants in this workshop.

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