Indoor Cycling Worldwide’s Impact at the World Bicycle Forum in Mexico City (FMB12)

From November 1 to 5, Indoor Cycling Worldwide made a significant mark at the World Bicycle Forum held in Gustavo A. Madero, a borough of Mexico City. Gracia Sotomayor prepared material in Spanish for the participation for this event, as with other actions in Latin America. This time, Angelika Wirth, her co-partner, and Caroline Wirth participated due to the magnitude of the event. They actively engaged in promoting artistic cycling through various initiatives, including three training sessions, two radio interviews, a presentation at an auditorium, and spontaneous demonstrations near the venue. They also participated in the Night of the Dead bike ride alongside other cycling enthusiasts.

Three impactful training sessions were organized during the World Bicycle Forum. These sessions aimed to promote indoor cycling, providing participants with a taste of the sport’s benefits, techniques, and overall experience. The sessions not only attracted cycling enthusiasts but also intrigued individuals unfamiliar with the sport.

The interviews reached a wide audience in Mexico and other Spanish-speaking countries, creating a buzz around the World Bicycle Forum and encouraging more people to explore the world of artistic cycling with the help of Indoor Cycling Worldwide for the development of the sport.

In the presentation at an auditorium, the most important aspects of our sport, such as the rules and disciplines, as well as the organization of the competitions and how the sport has a positive influence on people by empowering them, were showcased. The entire presentation can be found on Facebook (link).

Indoor Cycling Worldwide’s active participation led to increased awareness and interest in artistic cycling. The positive response prompted the announcement that the Biciescuela would soon commence offering artistic cycling classes in Mexico City. This organization is currently finalizing agreements with the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) to utilize spaces and secure funding for the new project. The collaboration with Biciescuela means a promising future for the growth of artistic cycling in the region.

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