Canadian Cycling Artists with Joint Training Camp

Canadian artistic cycling artists are currently based in three different schools. The National Circus School in Montreal, with coach Luc Tremblay, the circus school in Quebec with coach Marco Morin, and the “primary school” in Disraeli with coach André Garon, all train in artistic cycling in Canada. For over 10 years, Kathrin Igel, acting on behalf of ICWW, has been overseeing the developments of artistic cycling acrobats in Canada. Her most recent on-site visit was in the fall of 2022. However, even outside the training visits from Germany, the artistic cycling artists know each other and organize themselves to mutually support one another.

Among the participants are well-known names like Yohann Trépanier and Francis Gadbois, multiple-time world championship participants. The joy here lies in combining tricks on the bike with artistic elements. Participation in the World Championships at the end of October in Bremen is also on the horizon for these artists.

Canada in International Coach Training

In the summer, young aspiring cyclist Raphaelle Pelletier attended the ICWW training camp in Frankfurt and extended her stay in Germany with additional training and sightseeing days with Kathrin Igel. Her coach, Luc Tremblay from Montreal, made sure to support his protégé and also traveled to Frankfurt for a few days. This led to a warm and heartfelt reunion, as his former artist students Yldor Llach (Spain) and Jessica Arpin (2001 World Championship participant for Australia) were also among the participants at the Frankfurt camp.

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