Development of Artistic Cycling in Argentina

Gracia Sotomayor, on her recent visit to Argentina from the 20th to the 26th of May, was welcomed by one of the presidents of the Argentine Cycling Federation who took her directly to the facilities of CeNard. There, they prepared the bicycles and adapted the space for artistic cycling training.

The first day focused on assembling and maintaining the bicycles, as well as introducing the participants to the basic figures of the discipline. Jorge Nazario, the Peruvian athlete, was present, contributing his experience during the sessions.

The second day included the participation of an Argentine artist specialized in artistic cycling, who shared his knowledge with the group. This day allowed the integration of technical and creative aspects of artistic cycling, providing a broader view of the discipline.

During the third and fourth day, with an increase in the number of participants, they focused on more advanced figures like regular seat backwards and steiger. The interest and active participation of the new attendees contributed to an intense learning environment.

On the last day of the clinic, three new participants joined. Mabel Abasto and Michelle Tarris, motivated by the experience, decided to take charge of the project in Argentina and are in search of the optimal space for training. They were provided with educational materials and two bicycles to start their own training and competition program.

Will we see the Argentine flag at the upcoming world championships as well?

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