Progress in the Social Project of Artistic Cycling in Mexico

Since the end of last year, a social project of artistic cycling has been launched in collaboration with the social organization La Bomba Teatro, in Mexico City. The project is led by Harry Rodean, who receives training through videos from Gracia Sotomayor and Angelika Wirth, with the goal of training children living in at-risk situations.

The main purpose of this project is to instill positive values in the youth, who in their daily lives are exposed to various social dangers. Although the conditions are not always ideal compared to European standards, the young participants have bicycles and the necessary stand to learn the figures of artistic cycling.

Two standout participants, Emiliano and Poncho, are making notable and enthusiastic progress in this discipline. The training methodology they use is flexible, allowing adaptation to local needs and contexts. Although it is based on structures of learning from German methodologies, creativity plays a crucial role, fostering an enriching and motivating environment for the children.

This creative and adaptable approach is not only helping to develop skills in artistic cycling among the youth but is also significantly contributing to their personal and social development, offering them a constructive alternative to the challenges of their environment.

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