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In December 2022, the first “Training Cycling Camp” was held in Bangkok. In Thailand, there are some cycle-ball players who have formed the “Thailand Indoor Cycling Club”, but they lack any

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The visit to Great Britain

Together with Marius Hermanns and Sven Holland-Moritz (RSC Schiefbahn), the Austrian national cyclo-ball players Patrick Schnetzer and Stefan Feurstein (RV Dornbirn) visited several days to the United Kingdom at the

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Cycle-ball in France

In the beautiful town of Haguenau in Alsace, Patrick Schwarz established indoor cycling as a working group at a large comprehensive school. He offers artistic cycling, unicycling and cycle ball

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Training Camp in Canada

28.09.2017 – 06.10.2017 / CanadaTraining camp artistic cycling and cycle ball in Canada The training camp was guided by Kathrin Igel (GER). Schedule (draft):Training sessions artistic cycling:28 September 2017 in

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